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WinRAR 5.40

WinRAR is an excellent tool for managing, storing and extracting compressed archive files. It combines a friendly interface with powerful features to provide users with a complete archive solution.


WinRAR provides support for many popular archive formats, including 7Z, ZIP, RAR and more. Users can control WinRAR through either the user-friendly graphical user interface or via the more flexible command-line interface. In addition, the latest versions of WinRAR allow most users to compress or extract files directly from Windows Explorer without launching the program.

WinRAR also supports multivolume archives. This is particularly useful for users who are trying to transfer individual files that are larger than portable storage devices allow; users can simply break the file into multiple volumes, each of which is small enough to fit on a storage device.

Advanced users will find many enticing features in WinRAR. Users can encrypt files, view certain types of compressed files without extracting them, create self-extracting archives, set up password controls for archived files, and more. Many of the elements of WinRAR's interface are customizable, and users can set up custom profiles to tailor the program to their own likes.


WinRAR performs admirably. Its compression algorithms are very efficient, particularly for large archives of small files. WinRAR archives are between 10 to 50 percent smaller than archives created with other programs. In addition, WinRAR both extracts and compresses archives quickly; WinRAR archived a 280MB file in just over two minutes and extracted the same file in under 20 seconds. While WinRAR isn't the fastest archiver available, it does perform fast enough for most users' needs.

Final Thoughts

WinRAR is a powerful and flexible archive-management tool. Its intuitive interface is easy to use, and its many customization options make it an attractive platform for advanced users as well.

WinRAR is a program that is used to create and decompress ZIP and RAR files. Compressed files takes up less space on your computer, and makes it easier to email files to others. WinRAR also lets you open compressed files that have been downloaded from the internet and email attachments, as well as repairing damaged files. The newest version also supports RAR5, a new compression file. You can also protect your compressed files with a password that will hide your files from others. WinRAR is supported on Windows Vista, XP, 7, and 8 as well as 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


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